Reputation as a revolutionary thermal

Using state of the art materials and advanced quiet speed motor technology, the CHI Nano Hair Dryer is one of the quietest and most functional dryers you will find. The dryer’s specialty motor helps to reduce damage to hair by delivering a faster flow of air. The ceramic technology infuses negative ions with your hair, resulting in perfectly soft and smooth strands every time. There is low & high air, three levels of heat for the air and a cold air button.

The buttons are what convinced me to buy this dryer over a less expensive CHI dryer.

CHI has seven professional hair dryers available, including a mini sized dryer and a new "Hand Shot" dryer that eliminates the need for a handle so the stylist has freedom to use both hands to brush and style while drying the hair. I must say that I’m pretty happy so far. These ions also chase away humidity and static electricity for longer lasting silkiness and shine. You can enjoy more dynamic styling and freedom of movement with the salon style power cord, and the ergonomic design makes it fit for professional or home use. The button placement is good and the ease at which you can change/turn them on/off is great. Some I’ve used were even so hard to move that you had to use a towel because your wet fingers wouldn’t allow you to change them.

My other cheap dryer broke so I was in the market for a new dryer. To a girl with fine, thin hair, keeping my hair intact is KEY as I don’t have much of it, so the fact that I feel like I have less breakage and damage occurring while I blow-dry, is a great thing. I have long, thick curly hair and it dried my hair in half the time compared to my old dryer, it also made my hair less frizzy and I didn’t use the Automated and efficient natural gas hot blast furnace Suppliers diffuser.

The CHI Air Ceramic Hair Dryer- Fire Red is a powerful yet gentle 1300 watt hair dryer that evenly distributes heat to your hair, helping it to dry quickly and evenly. As far as it being hot enough, it’s set at the correct temperature. I have had blow dryers that you literally had to put down just to turn on and off. They continue to develop professional dryers, flat irons, and other products that contribute to better hair health and beauty while making styling easier and faster for the professional stylist and average consumer. CHI is always looking for new and exciting styling tool forms and technologies to carry on their reputation as a revolutionary thermal styling tool brand. You don’t want the dryer to be so hot that you can’t even put your hand in front of it, all you doing at that point is damaging your hair.

Probably the biggest difference between the HANAair and my old CHI, is that the HANAair leaves my hair cool to the touch and makes my hair feel less fly-away and fried, overall. The combination of a pure ceramic heater and CHI Nano Silver Technology ensures that your locks are healthily styled in a bacteria free environment, plus the dual blower feature included allows the high speed drying of all hair types no matter the thickness, texture or length. Following use of this hair tool, your hair becomes easier to manage and style thanks to its silky and smooth texture. When I dried my hair with the CHI dryer, my hair was always hot and started to look a little frizzy in the front (long bangs). These are by far the best/easiest buttons I’ve ever used.

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